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Strategic Marketing Services

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We have established Services that focus on various areas, including Human Capital Consulting, Strategic Marketing, Information Technology Consulting and formed Vendor Partnership to align with Client Needs.

Strategic Marketing Services

Subsidiary of OPKO Group Holdings Ltd focuses on providing consulting services to businesses looking to develop and execute effective marketing strategies. The subsidiary offers services such as marketing strategy development, brand consulting, and digital marketing services, helping businesses build their brand, increase their visibility, and connect with their target audience. With a team of marketing experts and digital strategists, the Strategic Marketing subsidiary has helped many businesses create and implement successful marketing campaigns.

What We Do

Market segmentation

Our Services Include dividing the market into smaller, more specific groups of customers with similar needs and preferences. This allows companies to tailor their marketing efforts to each segment, resulting in more effective targeting and higher sales.


Our Services involves creating a strong and recognizable brand image that represents the company’s values and identity. A well-established brand can increase customer loyalty and make it easier for the company to introduce new products or expand into new markets

Distribution Channels

Our Services involves determining the most effective way to deliver products or services to customers. Companies can choose from a variety of distribution channels that we provide.

Product differentiation

This involves creating a unique product or service that sets the company apart from its competitors. By highlighting the distinctive features and benefits of their product, companies can attract customers who are looking for something different.

Pricing strategies: 

Our Services involves setting prices that are competitive and attractive to customers, while also generating a profit for the company. Pricing strategies can include discounts, promotions, and bundling products or services together.

Marketing communication:

Our Services involves using various channels and tactics to communicate with customers, such as advertising, public relations, social media, and email marketing. By creating a consistent and compelling message across all channels, companies can increase brand awareness and attract new customers.